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For the skeptical:

Starvations is both a children’s clothing chain in Japan and a display of Japan’s spectacularly bed grasp of the English language. This is in a shopping mall in Fukuoka, the largest city in southern Japan.

English shop names in Japan seem to be really popular, but among them lie these downright weird ones that make you snicker, giggle, gasp or just stand there confused and dumbfounded asking “Why?”.

The name “Starvations” came to be from a very logical mathematical equation (asians are experts in this field): “Star” + “Innovations”. I could never understand that about Japan, they always try to make combos of English words to come up with a cool, foreign-sounding name which usually turns out to be plain weird for those outside of that country; or in this case, making up a completely different word. Thankfully the intended audience doesn’t care if it is correct or not as long as it looks good and sounds cool. It’s kind of like that Kanji tattoo you got last week that actually says picnic table… no wait, it’s exactly like that.


I know that these images would cause (or have caused) a lot of controversy in other places in the world. Why are the Japanese so racist? I don’t know, but what i do know is that their idea of humor is plastic poop. They do make very good automobiles, however.

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