In Japan This Is Perfectly Normal

A Very Comprehensive and Accurate Look at Life in Japan

The iBum Chair

The arse is the window to the soul.

Designed by Japanese “interactive designer” Tomomi Sayuda, this armchair sofa comes with a photocopying machine pointing up your bum. Here is her explanation on how she came up with the idea:

“This project came from “impact” brief. My initial concern was the news about a naked British streaker who jumped into the Japanese Emperor’s palace moat. I was interested in the principle of the news, which is showing embarrassment without big harm for fun. For me, impact means positive and humorous reaction. I decided how to represent this principle. This idea development took the longest time of my four projects. I was brainstorming in many ways with some practical developments since October 2008. Finally I came up with the idea of scanning people’s bum.”

Makes perfect sense.

So watch as these people try it out and get a free photocopied image of their flattened ass.

Cuckoo for Co-co Puffs. A literal translation.

I don’t even know what they are trying to sell me here. Japan is cuckoo. Cocoa puffs or not.

Japan Likes Them Young

the under 15 section

Yes, this is the under 15 section at one of the many fine adult shops in Akihabara. Looks like it is part of the Junior Idol collection. Check out the wikipedia article about it –

Of course, in Japan this is perfectly normal.

Below are some more pics, though if you are easily offended (by girls in bathing suits) you may want to opt out. Pictures are SFW so don’t worry.


Seriously, WTF Japan

girls licking pussy lesbian girl eating a cat girl licking a cat wtf pictures

I have no words.

Girlfriend Lap Pillow

Japan is weird. This product is called the ‘girlfriend lap pillow’. It comes with realistic-to-the-touch legs and a tight short polyester skirt in your choice of black or red. Perfect for creeping out any real girlĀ  that you just might have a chance with.

japan girlfriend pillow for men sex pillow japan creepy japanese men why pillow weird

And don’t worry lonely ladies of Japan, you haven’t been left out. Here is the ‘Boyfriend Arm Pillow”. This pillow is shaped like a giant arm which will hold you all night without the need for the real thing.

lonley women boyfriend pillow desperate wtf japan desperate lonely women

Who knew a market for these things even existed.