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The Bull Bull Machine Gun

probably supposed to be red bull machine gun

Found this beauty in Shibuya Tokyo last year. I wonder if it’s supposed to say Red Bull Machine Gun?

Just Incase You Were Still Confused About How to Poop in Japan

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The iBum Chair

The arse is the window to the soul.

Designed by Japanese “interactive designer” Tomomi Sayuda, this armchair sofa comes with a photocopying machine pointing up your bum. Here is her explanation on how she came up with the idea:

“This project came from “impact” brief. My initial concern was the news about a naked British streaker who jumped into the Japanese Emperor’s palace moat. I was interested in the principle of the news, which is showing embarrassment without big harm for fun. For me, impact means positive and humorous reaction. I decided how to represent this principle. This idea development took the longest time of my four projects. I was brainstorming in many ways with some practical developments since October 2008. Finally I came up with the idea of scanning people’s bum.”

Makes perfect sense.

So watch as these people try it out and get a free photocopied image of their flattened ass.

Instructions on How to Properly Use a Toilet

You think that this would be pretty straight forward…

TIL that even stick figure porn is censored in Japan.

I Liked the Part Where it Didn’t Make Sense

So, in this clip, a man with long nipples has a sack that he can retract in and out of his anus. When the sack is put on a machine and squeezed by another man, it make his long nipples squirt liquids that a teenage girl with badminton racket attempts to hit. The ultimate setting of the machine makes the long nippled man throw large leaches at the girl. One bites on to the girl’s arm so a nurse is called. The nurse removes the skin of the leech to reveal a tuber/baby who he berates for several minutes and squeezes goop out of the tuber’s appendage until a stamp is revealed. The nurse finds the name of the tuber/baby from the stamp, yells at it, and then removes the tuber/babies sucking tube from the girl. Makes Perfect Sense, well done.

“Watching Funky Forest is like peeking inside the skull of an American schizophrenic stranded in Tokyo on a three day meth and mescaline binge, nodding off into dreams and´╗┐ blacking out in periodic epileptic fits as he flips through the local channels at 4:30 AM, all the while unaware that aliens are attempting to jam the local airwaves with subliminal propaganda designed to prepare us for an imminent encounter with advanced beings our brains are still eons away from being able to comprehend.” – I could not have said this better.